What We Value


Authentic Worship

We believe that we have been created to bring glory to God and to enjoy God’s presence, power, and provision forever.  We honor varied, authentic styles of worship which include the elements of prayer, praise, Biblical scripture, and a Biblically-based message.

Intentional Evangelism

Believing the good news of the love of Jesus Christ is the best news for all of humanity, we encourage all people in our community of faith to share their personal love story with Jesus so that others may also know Him.

Biblical Authority:

We believe the Bible to be the Word of God and the only reliable rule and guide for faith and life. 

Transformational Faith

We believe that prayer is a powerful means of communication – praising, interceding, thanking, and blessing God for both abundant and eternal life.  We strive to constantly make the decision to yield to the will of God in all parts of our life with gratitude and joy, for all that we are and have is from God.


Disciple Making Small Groups:              We believe we learn to love and grow best in small groups. Small groups are where life happens together.

Loving Hospitality

Following the example of Jesus Christ and believing that we have been created by God for relationships, we strive to warmly welcome and care for all whom God has led to our community of faith.

Compassionate Accountability

We believe that we have been created for relationships and we will strive to be truthful, caring, compassionate and faithful as we build up a community of faith; clearly communicating grace and forgiveness for the salvation of humankind and mediating our differences in love and mutual respect.


Every-Member Ministry

We believe that every member of the church is a minister and so we will empower and equip everyone to be the person Christ is calling them to be with the expectation that each will actively participate and support the ministries of the Church.


Radical Mission and Service

We believe that God is calling us to actively seek out and engage ourselves in projects, efforts, and ministries that take us out of our comfort zones, stretching us beyond the familiar circle of relationships and practices that have routinely defined our faith commitments.  With God’s help we will see each of these works through until completion. 

Whole-Life Stewardship

We believe in whole-life stewardship – the practice of Godly giving -- so that we may use what God has gifted to be a blessing to others.  This value encompasses the wise use of time, wealth, testimony, and giftedness.