• Rev. Dr. Cheryl Duke

    The Session of Lutz Community Church (LCC) is pleased to announce that Rev. Dr. Cheryl Duke will be joining us as Stated Supply Pastor, in a temporary, part-time ministry relationship. You may remember that Pastor Cheryl preached the sermon at our worship services in late May. The Search Committee and Session were impressed by her preaching style and content and her pastoral experiences spanning over 30 years. Pastor Cheryl possesses a heart for discipling and empowering the congregation to strengthen our faith and our witness to the unchurched which align very well with the general trajectory of LCC.  Pastor Cheryl has demonstrated experiences to lead several congregations with size similar to LCC through interim ministry, mission studies, and redevelopment which are all vital assets for LCC. She is well equipped to lead LCC through development and completion of a Mission Study, which is required prior to seeking the next installed Pastor.

    As part-time Pastor, Rev. Duke’s responsibilities are intentionally reduced compared to a full-time pastor. Responsibilities include lead worship and preaching, coordinate ministry responsibilities related to worship planning and preparation with paid staff and volunteers, foster organizational leadership that culminates into a Mission Study, and pray for members and community. In addition, responsibilities include moderate session and congregational meetings, and officiate the sacraments, weddings, and funerals. Pastoral care for hospital and shut-in visits will continue to be primarily provided by deacons, elders, and other members of the congregation who are called to this ministry. At the request of the elders, the Pastor will provide visitation/counseling for emergency or crisis situations. 

  • Clint Randles - Director of Contemporary Worship

    Clint Randles is Associate Professor of Music Education at the University of South Florida where he teaches songwriting, creativity, philosophy, and contemporary music performance. Clint is a multi-instrumentalist, Michigan native, and passionate lover of God and music. He is the proud father of Pearl, Calvin, Henry, and Harper—his greatest adventure! When he is not worshipping at LCC, he enjoys traveling the world, writing books, and driving his wife Sarah around in their 1973 Corvette. You can reach him at: clint@lutzcc.org.


    Dana is a multi-talented musician and accompanist. She has a doctorate in music from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She is a staff accompanist and Adjunct Professor of Vocal Literature at the University of South Florida. Dana has two daughters and is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ. E-mail Dana at dana@lutzcc.org .

  • Danielle Volinsky - Preschool director

    Danielle is a Florida native and graduate of the University of Central Florida. Danielle brings her passion for children to Tims Preschool. She is energetic and completely devoted to making sure that children are not just taught the basics of education, but grow closer to the Lord as well. Email Danielle at preschool@lutzcc.org.